Power Boat, Barge COF and Buoyancy

Power Boat, Barge COF and Buoyancy Certificates

Safety requirements

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 Category R Checklist
 Category Reg 37 Commercial DER
 Category Reg 37 Pleasure DER

Register your vessel and acquire a Safety Certificate.

Yacht COF

South African Sailing has appointed safety Officers to survey boats for their certificate of Fitness. If you wish your boat to be surveyed, please contact Dick or Kathy Manten to make an appointment.

All vessels of more than 9 meters are required to have an annual COF survey. Once every four years, an out of the water, external hull survey should be completed. If you have not had your vessel surveyed as yet, please book your COF appointment and ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Insurance companies require compliance with this SAMSA Small Vessel Safety law when insuring boats. Don’t be caught on the hop making a claim without the required certification.

South African Sailing COF procedure, rates and checklists: www.sailing.org.za – call our offices on 016 371 1301 if you require assistance.

VHF Radios, whether Base stations or Handhelds, MUST be licenced with ICASA. VHF Radio operators should hold a VHF radio operators licence.